Friday, 26 December 2014

Bohemian Gothic Reading

This week's reading was done with the app that uses the Bohemian Gothic Tarot (Magic Realist Press, 2010).  As such, it is a Past-Present-Future reading, as that is the only three card spread the app offers (more on that this Friday...)

Past - The Magician

Christmas week is over, and certainly required a certain amount of channeling of a higher power to get things done.  We were all sick with the flu, and it took us three days just to open Christmas presents (and not because there were ridiculous numbers of them).   As for Christmas dinner, sadly much of that went on the compost, as no-one had an appetite to speak of.  Ah well, it manifested at least...

Present - Nine of Pentacles

Fingers crossed that I can take some ease this week, and perhaps turn my thoughts once again to the exciting projects I have for 2015.  If not, at least to have some time to go out for a walk, and see the big picture, beyond snotty tissues and neti pots.  Love the latter, hate the former!  However, a nine month old is not (yet) capable of using a neti pot, sadly ;)

Future - Ten of Wands

Ack, this doesn't look great for the coming days!  That's one thing I hate about this limited spread.  Hmm, I shall interpret it as what I need to keep in mind for the future...  Look carefully before I take on any responsibilities, as they may weigh far more heavily than I expect!

I hope everyone out there in the blogosphere had a lovely Christmas, and if you had a cold or flu, too, my thoughts for healing go out to you.

And if you'd like to read some journal prompts based on these cards, please click here.


  1. Seeing this Ten as a warning is the best way to interpret this. It is logical to take it slow after you have been ill. These wonderful projects and a ll sort of responsibility can wait a while longer I guess
    I hope you all will be a lot better soon
    (ps never heard of a neti pot before :D)

    1. Hmm, I think I should have taken things a bit slower yet, as this wasn't supposed to go up until Monday *doh* Ah well, I am feeling a bit better now, at least :) As for neti pots, I truly love mine. It makes such a difference to how often I get ill, how long I stay ill for, and how bad I feel while I'm ill :)

  2. I hate to hear all of you had the flu for the holidays! It can be a fun time but also stressful, so it's no wonder so many people get sick then. I love my neti pot, and have been using it faithfully of late. I credit it with not getting recurrent sinus infections that used to plague me.
    That Ten of Wands might just be a warning about feeling better; I don't know about you, but when I suddenly feel much better, I want to run out and do everything I missed or left undone before I got sick. :)
    The Bohemian Gothic is the only MRP deck I gave away because I couldn't connect with it. And having only a 3 card spread to use seems awfully limiting. Even if they offered a one-card spread, you could draw the number you wanted (of course you might get repeat cards...)

    1. Yes, I started using the neti pot after a bout of continuous sinus infections a few years ago. Before, I'd just used it during one of my yoga teacher trainings, but "having" to do it in a room with 30 other people snorting and spluttering really wasn't conducive to falling in love with it! :D
      I like the Bohemian Gothic, I have two different editions even. However, the app is a sad disappointment :(

    2. LOL, I can't imagine using the neti pot with an audience!

    3. I have to say, it has little or nothing to recommend it! If you've ever laughed while doing a neti pot, you'll know what I mean ;)

  3. Oy!! I am sorry you were also struck down with the flu. I have been sick most of this month. Ick!

    Healing hugs,

    1. Sorry to hear you've been sick all month, too! Seems like this has been quite a bad year for flu and such :( Hope you feel better soon, MM!

      Healing hugs, and warm virtual toddies :D

  4. I wish you all are well. Muchisimas Felicidades mi querida amiga para vos y tu familia y que tengas un excelente 2015 lleno de felicidad y exitos!!! Un beso muy grande y las mas hermosas Muchas Estrellas!!!!!!

    1. Hi LM, apologies for the delay in replying. Just getting over the flu and added sinusitis. Espero que tus navidades fueron más agradables que las mías! Y que tengas igualmente un 2015 lleno de salud y momentos placenteros. Muchos besos! C