Friday, 12 December 2014

Lojong Cards Overview

Human arrangements
The Lojong Cards by Beverly King (2014) are absolutely gorgeous.  The card stock is flexible yet sturdy, nicely laminated, and they shuffle really well.  The cards are about tarot size, and just have simple numbers, rather than any distracting writing on them. 

Although the lack of text means you do need the companion material, or to find another source for the Lojong slogans, the images are also very expressive.  In that way, you can use them to reflect on nature and life, even if you don't incorporate the slogan meanings.  For example, the images evoke ideas about the cycles of life, about beauty, impermanence, nourishment of body and spirit, and of growth and change.

If you are also interested in Buddhist thought, Beverly gives wonderful, brief explanations of the slogans, bringing them into a simple, modern context.  This is a great way to explore these ideas from a non-dogmatic source.  I've had some negative experiences with 'fundamentalist' Buddhist thinkers, rigid or male-centric.  However, the messages here are accessible, down-to-earth and heart-filled.

Fungi, Ladybird, Flower, Tree
As for the photographs, these show a mix of plants, animals, insects, and other natural objects such as shells, stones and twigs.  There are also a few that incorporate human objects, such as statues.  Going through the cards, I separated them into a number of categories: fungi, flowers, plants, living creatures, human artefacts, and human arrangements of natural objects.  However, these categories are my own, you could easily differentiate them some other way, and I only really did so to show a cross-section of the photographs.

All the cards have a beautiful simplicity to them.  The colours are sometimes dull, sometimes bright, but always natural.  And that, I think, is one of their greatest charms: the zen-like way they connect us to the natural world, the cycles of life, and the beauty of existence.


  1. Beautiful images and colours. It's nice to see something which is naturally magical, without the need to tweak it. Really happy to see Beverly's work out in the world :)

    (Great overview too, Chloe. I've enjoyed this weeks posts)

    1. Love that description, Steve, "naturally magical"! :)

  2. Thank you Chloe for this wonderful review. :) I enjoyed how you separated the images into the natural and arranged photos. But above all, I appreciate that you mentioned why these cards were created - to show that these slogans can be used in a down-to-earth rather than dogmatic way.

    1. Glad you liked it, Bev. I'm really enjoying using these cards, and sometimes just looking at them. It's also a lovely perspective on nature - up close and personal, or else how we can interact with it :)