Friday, 9 January 2015

Cat-Rot Overview

The Cat-Rot cards (Pookies World, 2014) is a cute, poker-sized deck.  Each card features Pookie, and as Bev pointed out in the comments on Monday's reading, this cheeky creature has some similarities to Simon's Cat :D  The cards are also populated by Pookies friends/minions, a variety of mice, hedgehogs and butterflies for the most part.

The cards can, for the most part, be associated to traditional tarot meanings.  However, sometimes it is a bit of a stretch.  This does open the cards up to broader interpretations, or you can just stick to your regular understandings, making it versatile in readings.

Take the Hierophant: a wise owl hangs from some bamboo, with Pookie holding a purple watering can to one side.  Is Pookie receiving the owl's wisdom?  Giving forth his own wisdom from that watering can the colour of the crown chakra and of spiritual wisdom?  Or perhaps being mentored in how to grow something, be it his faith, his passion or his business...

The Court cards, too, work quite nicely.  Here, we see the King of Wands looking quite regal, sat on a throne, with a hedgehog acting as fan wallah! Pookie wears a crown and holds an orb, symbols of leadership and taking a broad perspective, while the throne is red, colour of fire and dynamism, associated with the suit of Wands.

Some surprises in the Ace of Wands.  Why is Pookie upside down in a tree?  Could this be an unforeseen consequence of him grabbing an Ace of Wands opportunity with more energy than sense? :D

Likewise, the Seven of Wands with Pookie and two hedgehogs looking at melting icicles could be read as feeling on the defensive.  After all, the icicles could fall on him if he ventured under there, or else he could get wet from the melt-off - not a cat's favourite state.  Still, this could also be read as having to wait...

There is something so charming about this deck that I hardly mind the 'strangeness' of some of the imagery.  With one exception!  I'm totally flummoxed by the Knight of Cups and the Star!  Was this just a mistake?  The two are basically identical other than the colour of the butterflies.  And while I can relate this image to the Knight of Cups - seeing things from a strange, emotional perspective or getting himself into tricky emotional situations - I don't see the connection to the Star at all!


  1. Cute deck. :) I wonder if she uploaded the Star card, then later thought it would be a better Knight and forgot she used the same design when she uploaded it. It does stick out like a sore thumb! This would make a great deck to use with kids or animal lovers.

    1. I still really enjoy it, and had several really helpful readings from it this week, but that Star/Knight of Cups thing is weird. If it were the identical image I'd say it was an accident uploading, but they are a tiny bit different...

  2. I quite like the art. It's uplifting. But yes, The Star and Knight of Cups does appear odd and must be a mistake, I'd say - especially since it has such strong KoC imagery. Maybe it was a slip-up which made it into a pack by accident?

    1. Yeah, I think you're probably right, Steve. It's a shame, as it's otherwise an adorable deck :)