Monday, 5 January 2015

Cat-Rot Reading

Decks were all lining up to be the first to get a glimpse at 2015, but in the end I plumped for this über-cute cat deck: the Cat-Rot (Pookies World, 2014) by Maria van Bruggen.

Situation: Queen of Pentacles

Hmm, my first thought here is that, despite the school holidays being over, this week will still be quite focused on the kids.  However, the Queen of Pentacles is also about making good use of the resources you have, and focusing on creating something that is helpful and practical.  So, I shall try to make that my focus this week.  I have plenty of projects that have been on hold over the holidays, especially as we were all ill, so now we're feeling better, and Big Boy is back at school, I hope they can come back to the fore.

Don't: Five of Swords

While connections can be made to traditional meanings, this deck can also be read rather more intuitively.  So, in addition to the suggestion to not feel down about what you can't do (and others maybe can), I also see the message not to put all my eggs in one basket :D

Do: Four of Pentacles

This is a gentle, non-critical version of the Four of Pentacles, which can sometimes suggest clinging too tightly to the material.  Here, I see more the suggestion to give thanks for the gifts we receive, and to enjoy giving as much as receiving.  Certainly, I'm grateful for the gift of having a bit more time for work, and also for the gift that having family time also was.

It's funny, too, seeing Pookie all wrapped up in a bow, almost as though the cat is gifting itself.  Which reminds me, I'm starting up a weekly newsletter.  People who sign up for it will be the first to hear about what's going on with me and my exciting plans for the year!  There will also be special giveaways and discounts on those super-secret projects.  So, if you'd like to be in on everything, please sign up above.  I promise I won't send out endless emails or lots of ads, and it'll be a chance to have a more personal view into what's going on with Inner Whispers, the Celtic Lenormand and more...

For journal prompts based on this reading, click here.


  1. Cool little deck! I like that.

    Signed up for the newsletter, I think. Me and technology, eh? lol

    1. Hiya Steve, I'm very much enjoying the Cat-Rot cards, and they are little - poker size :)

      Thanks for signing up, I'm excited about this! Though the tech side is freaking me out, too - not very intuitive this MailChimp stuff *doh*

  2. I love the twist on the Five of Swords! This deck makes me think of the Simon's Cat videos on YouTube. :)
    Excited about your newsletter!

    1. Would you believe I only just discovered Simon's Cat last week? :D I can see the similarities!
      I'm excited about the newsletter, too, though slightly daunted by this whole new venture. Please excuse any teething problems ;)

  3. I like this fun cute deck.
    Signed up for your newsletter too! Maybe this will be the package we will be unwrapping :)

    1. I like it too, Ellen, though with one proviso, which I mention on Friday. As for the newsletter, for the moment I am planning it to be a gift of myself on a somewhat more personal level than this blog, as well as being about new things. We'll see if people like it that way :)