Monday, 12 January 2015

Ellis Tarot Reading

This week's deck, the Ellis Tarot (self-published, 2013), has been around for a couple of years and I can hardly believe I only just found it!  It's reminiscent of the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn, but in a more standard format: no extra cards or suits.  Created by Taylor Ellis, my copy is the Third Edition, just released.

Situation: Eight of Swords

This card is one I sometimes look to when deciding whether to get a deck.  And had I seen this version I would definitely have been persuaded!  The woman standing wrapped in spider's silk, with spider-handled swords lined up in front of her, seems strangely happy despite her bonds.  It looks almost as though she's playing cat's cradle with the spiderweb wrapped around her hands. 

This suggests two things to me.  Firstly, it's a reminder that these bonds are normally our own creations, no matter how restrictive or unbreakable they may seem.  Secondly, that we can still find joy and some space for playing even when we are bound by thoughts and expectations.

Certainly, I create the rod for my own back when it comes to my Little One.  At ten months old, not many babies are still partially breastfed, despite the World Health Organisation recommendations and the many scientific studies that show it reduces allergies and asthma, and improves overall health and IQ.  That he won't go to bed at night without me has less/no positives, and is clearly my own fault, but I believe he'll grow out of it (though I wish he'd hurry up about it!) Yet, I can still find some space for myself, and to enjoy life, if I try!

Don't: Ten of Rods

Somehow, I see this figure as a type of centaur.  However, I'm not sure whose the tail is....

The message not to take on too much is one I'm heading.  Already, I'm trying to reduce some of my commitments, and have turned down three meetings this week (two work, one social).  We're throwing Big Boy a birthday party at the weekend, for the first time (his birthday is at an awkward time, and with his special needs a party is rather more complicated than normal).  And my Dear One has an operation on Thursday, which will leave him partially incapacitated for a couple of weeks.  So, I figure I have more than enough on my plate already.

Do: Page of Pentacles

The boar gives me a feeling of strength and determination, and the figure seems likewise very earthy and grounded in her apparel, despite the alien appearance of her face.

A reminder here to focus on the physical this week.  I always work out, but haven't done any yoga for over a month because of my sinusitis following the flu (made downward dog very painful).  Perhaps it's time to go back to that practice...

For journal prompts based on these cards, click here.


  1. This is not a deck that I would immediately be drawn to, but I watched Elendil work with it on his blog. I found myself thinking, "I wonder how I'd interpret this card" over and over. Once I start doing that I'm already hooked, so I caved and bought it. :)
    Hope Big Boy's party goes off without a hitch, and that he enjoys himself. Big Birthday Wishes for him. Perhaps do the yoga without any inverted poses for a while?

    1. Ha ha, at least you can't blame me for enabling you, then :)
      Thanks, we're madly running around thinking about decorations and goodie bags at the moment - it being our first go around and all.
      As for the yoga, I find if I can do downdog, I can do most other inverted poses. Though I didn't stay all that long in headstand and shoulderstand... :)

  2. Happy birthday for Big Boy and best wishes for D.O Hopefully everything goes smoothly and you will have left enough energy to enjoy the festivities and take care of your D.O
    This will ask some heavy taking care of yourself first so some grounding activities might be an great idea!

    1. Thanks for the well-wishes, Ellen. I think my DO is a little nervous (as am I), but it's a fairly routine op. As you say, some self-care and grounding are a good idea :)
      Hugs to you, too!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I need to check this deck out... It's my birthday today! Happy birthday Big Boy and good luck getting back on track with your training. Sounds like a bit of a jigsaw with all that is going on... Oh, and well done for persisting with the breastfeeding. I found mine told me when they'd had enough of it... It's a natural process, as it should be. *hugs*

    1. Happy Birthday, Lisa! I hope you had a great day :D And yes, it does feel like a jigsaw sometimes. I like what you say about the kids telling you what they want/need. I suspect that's true for many things we parents worry about :)