Monday, 26 January 2015

Women's Tarot Reading

This week's deck is another female-centric one.  In every other regard, though, the Women's Tarot (AGMüller, 2006) is very different from the deck we saw last week.  The images are in soft, warm hues, the pips are semi-illustrated, and the whole thing is slightly zen.

Situation: Three of Cups

Two white lotus flowers float on violet waters, with a green border to the left.  A third white lotus flower sits within a larger, orange flower shape.  The third flower has an orange 'frame' around it, and a pale green, leafy background.

While I often see this card representing female friendships and support, in this image I also see the notion of a role model or mentor.  Advice, then, to look for support from someone with more experience this week.

Don't: King of Wands

In some ways, the colours make this a rather watery King of Wands.  Yet, the blues and violets surround his shining inner core.  As advice on what not to do, I get the message to not try to bust through emotional situations through sheer force of will, to not try to be in control of everything. 

Do: III - The Empress

Pregnant with possibility, drawing energy from the dark, from her depths, the Empress is full of potential.  She offers up the pearl of her creativity, sharing it with others, encouraging them to seek their own inner pearls.  The message I get is that this creativity comes from a place of emotion, and is nurtured with help, from the role model in the first card, and from spirit.

Overall, then, a week to seek guidance in order to express my creativity.  That Empress may also point to nurturing my boys, though the two aren't mutually exclusive.  It would do me good to be more creative in my play with them, too :)  Now, who could be my role model for that?

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  1. It is always lovely to draw The Empress. This one is particularly beautiful.
    I cannot give you advice on how to play more creatively with your children just try to look at the world trough their eyes and see its wonders and magic. Then everything will flow naturally :)

    1. Thanks, Ellen, that sounds like pretty good advice. I realise that what the Little One wants most is to have mummy watch what he is doing, interact and show him new things to try :)
      Hugs, Chloë

  2. Interesting reading, Chloe, having the King of Wands in the 'don't' position. It reminds me a little of my three card post this morning, regarding resistance and looking out for others. With regards to what I was speaking about in my update a few days ago, I can see how both my own weekly reading and yours fit with my life right now.

    1. Yes, I loved your weekly reading, too, especially that Strength card :) As the week has gone on, I definitely saw that I couldn't push to do anything in an energetic way - just wasn't happening! A flow from darkness, like that Empress, was possible, and while there may be seeds, there haven't been any full-finished pearls... :)

  3. I kind of like the art in this deck, the illustrative look. AGM decks are notoriously hard to find in Canada. I had to trade for Stella's Tarot and it took me years to find Tarot of the Master--think I had to trade for that too. And yet, I often enjoy AGM decks, so it's a shame.

    Don't you get a kick out of saying "my BOYS" plural?? ;-)

    1. Hmm, sometimes I wish I didn't have any, never mind two boys, they can be a bit full on. Still, yes, I do love them both very much :)

      As for the deck, you'll see in today's review that I'm not much convinced by it in the end...