Monday, 23 February 2015

Tarot Polski Reading

This week's deck is one from Poland, not easily available, I'm afraid.  And bizarrely, I got my copy of the Tarot Polski via Canada!

Situation: Knight of Cups

Look at this guy with his congenial smile and his cup of wine held high.  He seems to call on us to eat, drink and be merry.  Though he's rather armoured up, perhaps some pleasant time will open him to his emotions a bit more.

Had a nasty argument with my Dear One at the weekend (Big Boy sick, Little One up ridiculously early, so we were both tired and grumpy).  So, this week we need to spend some time re-finding the romance and saying loving things to one another.

Don't: III - The Empress

Don't you just love her up-do?  Princess Leia, eat your heart out!  This Empress highlights the nurturing aspect of the card, with one breast bared and on offer.  Though not many mothers can claim that dainty, narrow a waist after a couple of kids...

With Big Boy hopefully back at school, it's not a time to focus on the kids and motherhood. 

Do: Three of Cups

When I bought it, I didn't realise this was a non-illustrated pips deck.  Still, I'm fine with that.  Though I won't really use the astrological symbols offered at the top of each card, as my astrological knowledge just isn't up to it.

For me, this is the card of friendship and support.  So, advice for this week is to foster friendships, to seek and offer support. 

For journal prompts based on these cards, click here.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, through Andew at the Hermit's Lamp in Canada. It was on an old page he thought he'd taken down, selling off someone else's collection. However, he was still willing to part with it, and now here it is. The Majors are amazing, though I'm not hugely keen on the unillustrated pips...

  2. Maybe drinking a glass of good wine will soften up the edges. I can remember these outbursts of parental tiredness between me and my DH so well: And how we struggled to keep it form the kids (which wasn't always possible :))
    Remember the three of cups is only one step away from the lovely two

    1. Well, I'm teetotal, and my Dear One is more of a beer and whisky man ;) Still, I did a different reading which reminded me how important it is to talk, so we did that. And today we're going out for lunch together. Well, with the Little One, but it's still semi-romantic ;D

      As you say, not only is the Three of Cups only a small step from the Two, but it also reminds me that this man is my friend as well as my lover <3

      Hugs to you, too, Ellen

  3. The Three of Cups reminds me of the saying "Time wasted isn't wasted time." Hope you both get to refill your cups and have some fun!

  4. How lovely to see this deck, with it's bright, beautiful colours. And yeah, I love The Empress' up-do!