Monday, 23 March 2015

Beautiful Creatures Tarot Reading

As a huge fan of Jasmine Beckett-Griffith, I've been waiting on tenterhooks for this week's deck, the Beautiful Creatures Tarot (Schiffer, 2015).  The artwork lives up to my expectations, but as for the deck as a whole, well, you'll have to come back on Friday to find out...

Now: the Star

Who can complain when the Star comes to represent the current situation?  Hope and guidance are always welcome!  And I smiled at this version, with her funky socks and the bright stars around her. 

I could do with a little hope at the moment.  Having uploaded the re-edited version of the Wings of Change Lenormand, my fingers are tightly crossed that this one will look brighter and more cheerful than the last.

Don't: the Transformation

Surrounded by skulls, things can feel a little dark!  Yet, as the title says, it is through these dark times that transformation comes about. 

Still, as the card representing what not to do, this suggests not throwing out the old, not crying over spilt milk.

Do: Two of Fires

A beautiful creature sits in a garden with a hummingbird at her side.  There is great potential here, though she has not decided yet which flower she wants to drink from, metaphorically.

A time to recognise options and make a choice.  We can only act once we have a goal in sight.

This reading feels quite cohesive: a time to take some guidance and then move forward with something already started, rather than giving up and having to start from scratch.

For journal prompts based on these cards, click here.


  1. I do hope the colors will be as bright as you intended them to be. It is almost like sending a child to school for the first time and he comes how having learned how to swear. :)
    I am curious what your opinion is about this deck. I think I will skip this one although I love her artwork too

    1. The colours didn't come out great, so third time's the charm, I hope...
      As for the deck, I actually enjoy it a lot, but the book not so much :/

  2. If I had gotten the Transformation card for "Don't," I would think of how I tend to bulldoze things when I want change to happen. I have a hard time allowing them to move at their own pace without my assistance, lol.
    The two hummingbirds remind me of watching the ones that are coming to my feeder; they refuse to let another feed even though there is plenty - so territorial!

    1. Some interesting thoughts there, Bev, thank you. Yes, I can be a bit of a bulldozer, too :D Not so bad on the territorial side, though, I hope...

  3. I'm not overly keen on this set; it looks like it's designed for teenage girls.

    1. Sadly, that seems to be the market that publishers always assume will like Jasmine Beckett-Griffith's artwork. While that isn't the case, they do put other people off with the packaging and the companion materials :/