Monday, 16 March 2015

Prisma Visions Reading Again

This Friday, instead of a review I'll be taking part in the Spring Equinox Tarot Blog Hop.  So, I decided to draw this week's cards from the Prisma Visions Tarot (self-published, 2015) again, as I like it so much!

Now: Temperance

A dark figure seems to be lifted by a huge wave.  There's not much of an elemental balance here, except perhaps that the figure is held in the air by water. 

The message I get is that I need to walk the middle path this week.  It can be so easy to get swept up in emotion or to get stuck in my head, with thoughts whirring.  Neither of those is balanced, though.

Don't: The Hermit

This is such a gorgeous version of this card!  The lonely figure off in the distance, the moonlight gleaming on the water that flows under the bridge he stands upon.  It speaks to me of plumbing emotional depths, casting light on them to see them from a new vantage point.

As what not to do this week, though, the Hermit reminds me how easy it is to get entranced by the light on water.  It helps to have someone else there to remind us to look up and around at what's going on. 

Do: Two of Pentacles

A man sits on a low wall, juggling two Pentacles.  This is Temperance writ small.  It is the day-to-day balancing act of working and being a mum, of mediating between the needs and desires of two kids, and even just trying to get a toddler to eat a balanced diet.

This version says sometimes we have to actively juggle different elements, situations or people.  And sometimes the best we can do is 'sit on the fence', not getting involved in either side...

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  1. I love that Hermit too. Quite a few good cards in this deck, no wonder you like it.

    By the time I pay shipping and the dreaded currency conversion, this deck would cost me $79 and then I'd probably get hit with charges at the border of about $15 (which then totals $94.) Out of my league financially but it's been absolutely great to see you using and discussing it.

    I always like to see artists and their art.

    1. Yeesh, that is steep! Yes, I've been hit by unexpeceted customs charges a few times, though not with this deck, fortunately. Glad you've enjoyed these looks at the cards. Have to say, this is definitely my favourite deck of the year so far (though only being in March I guess it isn't saying that much...)

  2. I think Google is eating my comments again. :D
    You've done too good a job on reviewing this deck - the website said the Prisma Visions is on backorder until the end of the month.
    That Hermit is such a beautiful card! The Two of Pents made me think of Humpty Dumpty. :) For some reason the artwork reminds me of the aboriginal art of Australia (not sure why though).

    1. Hate it when Google does that! Glad you made it through eventually :)
      I'm glad for him that the deck is doing well, I think it deserves it! Interesting about the aboriginal art connection, I can see it now you say it. I think it's something about the swirling lines and the colours...

  3. Oh dear... seeing these cards in action, the wonderful art......makes me really want to acquire this deck! I checked it out and it looks like they're on back order, so I'll be patient. But really, these cards have so much texture and depth, they're gorgeous! I agree with you that this Hermit is lovely...and I really like the bright reds and golds in the 2 of Pentacles, as well. Lovely.

    1. Yes, seeing decks in use always tempts me more, too, and this is a particularly good one, I think. Like you, I love the colour palette, the intelligence behind the concept, and the thought that has been put into the Majors, too :)