Monday, 27 April 2015

Mucha Tarot Reading

This week, my reading is with a fairly new deck, the Mucha Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2015).  I'll be using it again next week, and reviewing it on Friday of that week, as this Friday there's a Tarot Blog Hop for Beltane.  There will also be an extra post this Wednesday, looking at the journey that brought me to magic.  For now, though, let's take a look at the cards.

Now: Justice

I'm not sure about this depiction of Justice.  She seems a bit too sensual and worldly.  Add to that the fact her sword is held at an angle, which symbolically speaks of biases rather than a pure connection to higher truth. 

Still, I take the message that it's a week for being fair, for looking at situations in an unbiased way and acting for the good of all.

Don't: Five of Wands

There's little playfulness in this image.  These men wear helmets, and look to be in a full-on battle!  I guess they could be training, but it's pretty hard core if so.

Looks like a week when battles are best avoided.  As Justice said, time to pull together for the good of all, rather than getting into backstabbing or infighting.

Do: The Lovers

This last card reinforces the message from the previous two.  A man and woman cuddle close, presided over by an angel with arms outstretched above them, as though blessing them.  The woman's breasts are naked, making her seem more open and willing to expose herself.

Allowing some vulnerability and being willing to find ways to get closer to others, rather than competing, seems to be the overall recommendation from this reading.  I'll try to keep that in mind this week!

To see journal prompts based on these cards, click here.


  1. Talking about your personal views on magic seems quite vulnerable to me. I am very interested in reading about your journey because it is a subject which interests me a lot but also leaves me with a great number of questions and doubts.

    1. That's a good point, Ellen. Between that and posting more on Youtube - and actually having my face on there - I do feel a little vulnerable. Yet, this is something I feel really passionate about. I hope you will find at least a few answers, or maybe just new questions, from what I share :D

  2. I have this deck and while I haven't worked with it a tremendous amount I do like the experience I have had with it. For all the diaphanous, swirly, sensual energy it has surprising depth to it when the cards are sat with for some time.

    Like Ellen, I shall look forward to your post on your magical journey.

    As a side note, your post is dated tomorrow for my time zone. How strange to write into the future ;)

    1. I think that whenever we sit with anything for a time, more depth comes :)

      Your kind comments make me feel a little less nervous about coming out of the broom closet! :D

      As for the time thing, I accidentally posted this reading with last week's date, so it went up on Sunday night. I realised after Ellen commented, and changed it to the correct posting time, but that didn't un-post it. So, yes, it was in my future, too ;)

  3. The expressions on the faces in this deck made me grin. Justice looks like she is about to walk down a fashion runway, and the angel in the Lovers card looks like he's about to strike the couple down just for thinking about sex. :D I'll be curious to see your review of this one!

    1. Yeah, I'm not much impressed with it, overall. We'll see, maybe as I'll be using it again next week I'll feel more favourable towards it...