Monday, 13 April 2015

Wings of Change Lenormand Reading

This week, I'll be using the Wings of Change Lenormand (self-published, 2015), which is now open for pre-orders and will start shipping at the end of this week.  In this deck there are two versions of the Man and Woman to choose between.  There are also four elemental cards: Air, Fire, Water and Earth, one of which came up in this throw.

If you're interested in seeing more of these cards, I've posted a slideshow with all the images here.

For this week, I see the suggestion that energetic action (Man/Sun) will bring the gift of flow (Bouquet/Water).  Talking about hidden uncertainty (Clouds/Book/Birds) will help move things forward at an emotional level (Heart/Stork).

So, once again it's a week for action, and especially for enjoying that feeling of flow when you get so immersed in an activity that you lose track of time.  Still, there needs to be communication - no holing up in front of my computer, otherwise any problems will only get worse.  I need to stay emotionally open, and make sure I communicate with my partner about why I'm doing things (Man/Birds/Sun).  And communication may be part of what feels like a gift, opening things up emotionally (Bouquet/Birds/Water).  It's no good just learning about things, if I don't share that learning in a heartfelt way (Book/Birds/Heart).

This makes me think about the Learn Lenormand training course I'm working on.  For me, teaching people how to read the cards is about offering another tool for emotional understanding of what is going on in our lives.  So, I'll definitely try to make some time for that this week :)

To see journal prompts based on these cards, click here.


  1. Like always a great example on how you can use these cards for empowering yourself and looking at situations form different angles. I like how one question always causes new questions (journal prompts) instead of crisp and clear answers.

    1. Thanks, Ellen. Some people criticise me for not seeing things simply, but for me life is always richly complex, with more questions than answers :)

  2. Well done on redoing the colors on the deck - they really look great now!
    I love this part of your post:
    "It's no good just learning about things, if I don't share that learning in a heartfelt way."
    If I don't use what I learn to be of benefit to others and to strengthen relationships, I'm just padding my ego. :)

    1. Thanks, Bev. They're not quite as bright in person, but then scans are often lighter...
      And yes, I like your addition that it's not just about sharing learning, but also about relationship :)