Sunday, 25 March 2018

Mystic Mondays Tarot Unboxing


  1. Oh wow! I had to pass on these when I first discovered them... too pricey... but my artist daughter found them too a few weeks later and said she wanted them. After seeing this, I've decided to start saving up. I'll need two copies of course. I ADORE the court cards - they are so on point for me energetically, every single one. Thank you for doing this, Chloe xx

    1. Oh, and I love the nod to science in the HP card with the particle and wave <3

    2. Well, they're going to be available on Amazon from October. Perhaps it'll be a more reasonably priced deck. Though I do love the super shiny sides :D I wasn't 100% sure about these when I first unboxed them, a bit of a mash-up between RWS and Thoth. Working with them, though, I'm loving them <3