Kindergarten Lenormand

This is a deck I created to have Lenormand images to use in my workshops, and to practice with the spreads and timing systems I was creating for the Celtic Lenormand.

I first drew the prototype back in 2012.  Then, I did a first print run through Printer Studio to have 'spare' decks for people to use in the workshops I was running.  However, people started asking to buy them, so I only have a couple of those decks left.

At the end of 2013, I started working on a second edition.  The first thing I did was add in playing card inserts, once again in the same playful, child-like style.  Changing the titles to Lenormand numbering, following the style of the Blue Owl Lenormand, makes the cards both more traditional and yet also simpler and more true to the deck's whole style.  I also digitally remastered all the original images, tidying up the lines and making the colours clearer and brighter.  Finally, four cards of 'explanation', including keywords and pagan timings, have been added, as well as five cards for people to draw on themselves.  The deck is available through the Game Crafter!

Now, I also have a few second edition decks available, printed on linen card stock by Printer Studio.  These only have one card to draw on, and come in a clear plastic case.  Click here for ordering information.

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