Monday, 24 November 2014

Shaman Tarot Reading

Here's another deck I've had for a while, the Shaman Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2010). I was reminded of it because an online store I sometimes buy, Tarot Chest, from sends out single cards as teasers, and so I've been using the Queen of Cups from this deck as a bookmark :)

Situation - Ten of Skulls (Wands)

At the front of the card, the man looks pensive, yet calm.  Further back, we see the same man, with a lion pouncing on him.  Still, he doesn't look panicked, and I wonder if this is him absorbing the lion's spirit in order to deal with the burdens he faces with calm.

Don't - The Moon

A man with a spirit drum looks on as female sprites rise up from the deep waters.  Has he purposely called them, or are they there to bamboozle him?  Under the light of the moon, nothing is certain.

Do - Five of Drums (Pentacles)

In the centre, a man and a leopard seem to fall into darkness, while around them five wicked-looking faces laugh.  Are these those demons we carry around with us: fears, doubts and resentments?  Recognising that these demons are part of us, rather than something outside of ourselves, can help us deal with them appropriately.

This reading makes a great deal of sense to me this week.  My Dear One is going away for a couple of days R & R.  It's well-deserved, and at the same time it leaves me with the responsibility of both kids, running the household and my regular work.  While I'll have help, it still feels a little daunting. 

The Moon reminds me that night time is the worst.  A time when I may react to small noises with fear, and when loneliness might send me to the 'treats' cupboard for company.  Meanwhile, the Five of Drums reminds me that all these fears and temptations are my own demons, nothing to do with reality.  The leopard reminds me that I can change my spots: I haven't eaten chocolate, biscuits or cake for ten weeks, and I don't plan to start again now!  The Ten of Skulls reminds me that I have the inner strength to deal with all this, so long as I stay calm and focused.

By the way, if you'd like to read some journal prompts inspired by these cards, check out the all new TABI Tarot Blog :D

Friday, 21 November 2014

Esmeralda Lenormand Overview

The Esmeralda Lenormand (Karla Souza, self-published) is a lovely little deck from Brazil.  And little is the word: although not a mini, its cards are slightly smaller than standard bridge size.  They are extremely vibrant, and have some fabulous partial lamination effects, such that certain elements in the cards really pop, an effect that is totally lost in the scans, unfortunately.  Might have to dig out my video camera to do this deck justice...

While the standard Lenormand people and objects are very clear on the cards, there are also lots of additional elements and symbols layered in.  For one thing, there are little graphic elements intended to help people learn or remember standard meanings.  So, on the Storks we see a stock market style graph pointing upward, for work prospects looking up, and a suitcase, for moving abroad.

The cards also give standard Lenormand timings, for those that consider these useful.  As far as I'm concerned, predicting something in ten to twenty years is an exercise in futility, but each to their own.  Another addition which strikes me as not very useful is that of alchemical elemental symbols at the top of each card.  Basically, all cards with Hearts as their playing card suit are associated to water, Clubs with earth, Diamonds with fire and Spades with air.  Therefore, knowing these very standard associations, you don't need the extra symbol.

Far more innovatively, there are also chakra associations on seven of the cards, and the Sun has a mini-title of Prana.  Interestingly, I have been thinking about chakra associations, and we picked five of the same cards out of seven, though Karla and I used the same cards in different places in three instances.  As well as giving the Sanskrit chakra name, she also includes the bija (seed) mantra for each, as well as their mandala.

Pagan influences are clear in the images, too, with Pentacles showing up on the Man and the Book.  The Whips, with its broom and black cat, is a cute nod to pagan iconography.  And the Coffin, with its Día de Los Muertos skull, is colourful and acknowledges alternate cultural, spiritual beliefs.  Another non-traditional aspect of this deck that I like is its use of corvids on the Birds card, the only deck I've seen with this.

Altogether, the deck is readable, attractive and practical.  It has a nice combination of traditional elements with innovations to help the beginner.  And it also has more pagan and new age associations, which are non-intrusive enough that you can take them or leave them.  For its sheer prettiness and shininess, it gets a big thumbs-up from me!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Esmeralda Lenormand Reading

This week, it's the turn of another self-published Lenormand: the Esmeralda Lenormand (Karla Souza, date unknown).  A vibrant little deck, there's much to say about it, but that can wait til Friday...

Today's reading gives us: Tree, Stars, Moon, Bear, Fox.  I feel inspired to take a slightly looser approach to interpreting them than usual, so here are my riffs:

Reputation is improved by connecting with your roots and using your skills with strength.
Emotional well-being flourishes with spiritual insights, healthy-eating, and being willing to take off your mask.
Look to nature to help deal with strong emotions caused by deceptive diet.

I will admit, I've been fighting some sugar cravings over the last few days.  So, the advice to go out into nature and let the cold air breathe through me feels like a good one.  And hopefully, with that will come a little more emotional well-being.  Nature is wonderful for connecting to spirit, too, and there's no need to hide when it's just you and the elements...

Friday, 14 November 2014

American Civil War Lenormand Overview

Card Back
The American Civil War Lenormand is one of a number of decks self-published by Bridgett Trejo.  Although it's not a period I'm especially familiar with, there's something about this deck that appealed to me.

I think it may be a combination of Gone With The Wind romance paired with a kind of quaint, homely reality.  This isn't a deck dedicated to the generals and fine ladies, but something altogether more mundane.  This is history through the eyes of regular folks. 


House, Ship, Bouquet, Moon
The Two Families :)
For instance, the Bouquet shows a square jar holding simple flowers, rather than a fancy vase.  The Ship is an iron war horse, not a fancy cruise ship or speedy trade vessel.  And the House is a slightly rambling ranch, not an elegant mansion.

Although some of the cards in this deck are clearly oldified, sepia-toned modern images, such as the picture of the Moon, others are clearly authentic images from the era.  Photos or postcards of folks in the garb of the era, either posed somewhat rigidly, or in more natural action shots.

Another thing worth commenting on is the extra cards: there is a choice of two Men, Women, and also Children.  For some reason, this last is one that I've always liked.   Perhaps because I have two boys while so many Lenormand's show a girl, despite the associated playing card being the Jack of Spades.

Doesn't that little chap look stiff and uncomfortable in his mini uniform?  Though Christmas approaches and I've already received a reindeer costume for my eight month old, I can still laugh at the foibles of parents dressing their kids up for a photograph!

Altogether, this is a nicely put together deck. I kind of wish more space had been given to the photos, rather than quite so much being the associated playing card, a little civil war tribute, and agified card.  Still, I like the quaint, historical feel of it.  And on a side note, the deck is dispatched from Printer Studio, with branches in Europe, the States and China.  So, I didn't get hit with extra custom charges, which is always good to know before buying a self-published deck from overseas!

Monday, 10 November 2014

American Civil War Lenormand Reading

Today, I wanted to pull out some Lenormand cards again.  This week's deck is a self-published one by Bridgett Trejo, the American Civil War Lenormand.  

As for the cards, we have Rider, Woman, Moon, Ring.  Riffing on these, I get:

Intuitive information about an emotional commitment.
News about a woman's work contract.
A woman receives news about an engagement that affects her reputation.

A combination of these feel useful to me this week.  I received some news about someone I work with, who has given in her notice.  There's a part of me that feels I should have realised this was going to happen.  Aren't I supposed to be intuitive?  Yet, sometimes things really are a surprise to all involved.  Still, it makes me question the reputation of the recruiter who found her in the first place.  And maybe that's where I need to trust my intuition and recommend we don't use that recruiter again in the future...

There's also a big meeting at work this week, where a couple of people's reputations are on the line (not mine, thank goodness).  So, I'll try to keep my intuition flowing smoothly, and hope I can pick up on what's needed to get the contract we're hoping for.